13 Gorgeous Ways to Repurpose Glass Bottles

Between soda, sparkling water, beer, and wine, glass bottles tend to collect around the house pretty easily. Although your first instinct might be to rinse out and recycle those bottles, they can actually be upcycled in a ton of functional, beautiful ways! Here are 13 clever ways you can turn your trash into some serious DIY treasure.

1. Picture Frames

Forget store-bought picture frames, reusing your bottles to display your favorite memories can be an incredible touch for your home decor. Best of all, you can easily use the glass bottles to play into a theme, like a beach house or a rustic, country feel. Check out the full tutorial here.

2. Painted Vases

How embarrassing is it when someone comes over with flowers and you don’t have a vase to put them in? Well, never again! Make these DIY vases out of beer or wine bottles in any color or design you want.

3. Simple Bottle Design

For a really easy, classic way to dress up your empty bottles, cut out some text from a magazine or thrift store book and Mod Podge it to the glass. We love that you can cut the paper into any shape you want!

4. Kitchen Organization

Glass water bottles from brands like VOSS are very difficult to throw away. Not only do they look extremely sleek, but they hold lots of volume. If you’re not going to keep them as a water bottle, try filling these empty containers with pasta or cereal for an easy way to organize your kitchen.

5. Classy Spray Bottle

Rather than opt for a cheap, plastic spray bottle for your DIY cleaning products, try reusing a glass bottle for the same purpose! The end result looks a lot cooler than the Dollar Store alternative.

6. Candle Stick Holders

Looking for a romantic way to burn bare candle sticks? Empty wine bottles will be your new go-to hack! We love the idea of spraying these a metallic color for a hypnotizing look.

7. Bottle Bird Feeders

Feed your feathered friends in style with these easy-to-make wine bottle bird feeders! You upcycled waste and your local birds get a snack – everyone wins.

8. Outdoor Planters

Although wine bottles could easily be used to make an adorable indoor garden too, we love the look of these rustic bottles as outdoor planters.

9. Coca Cola Bottle Glasses

For a truly vintage feel, cut some glass Coca Cola bottles to create DIY drinking glasses! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to easily cut through glass, but be warned that kids interested in this craft might be better watching an adult do the work.

10. Tiki Torches

The perfect touch for your porch this summer are some wine bottle tiki torches! All you need is a wick, some kerosene, and your empty bottles for some DIY mood lighting.

11. Fairy Light Bottles

If fire’s not your thing, use wine bottles to light up your space in a different way: with fairy lights. This one is as simple as cleaning out your bottle and lowering a string of lights inside. The end result is stunning.

12. Glass Wind Chimes

Few things are as relaxing as the sound of wind chimes – and few things are as satisfying as knowing you made these chimes yourself!

13. Rustic Wall Decor

Elevate any shabby chic home with this lovely DIY. We would suggest maybe using antiqued bottles for this one (they give a cloudy, colorful tint to the glass) and filling each one with the flowers of your choice.