When a couple gets married, they exchange vows, rings and a kiss. They are now a team for better or worse until death. At least, that is unless they get a divorce.

Marriage traditionally equals an exclusive intimate relationship. Any intimate relationships outside the marriage would be considered affairs and possibly grounds for divorce. That is, unless the couple decides to have an open marriage and not keep their relationship monogamous.

When R&B singer August Alsina discussed his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith in an interview, it was clear that Pinkett Smith had been unfaithful to her husband, Will Smith.

Instead of letting the rumor mill tell their story, Smith and Pinkett Smith decided to be open and honest about their relationship by discussing it together on Pinkett Smith’s show “Red Table Talk.” Pinkett Smith referred to her relationship with Alsina as an “entanglement.” Smith nodded in agreement. She admitted that they were in a difficult place as a couple at that time, and her relationship with Alsina helped her realize “you can’t find happiness outside of yourself.”

Although Smith didn’t discuss any affairs of his own during “Red Table Talk,” he alluded to the fact that both he and his wife had a period of their marriage where they were not monogamous during an interview for GQ. He held himself back from going into details, but he made it clear that Jada wasn’t the only one who was had sexual relationships outside their marriage.

Smith explained that from the beginning Jada’s view of marriage wasn’t necessarily that marriage needs to be monogamous, and that’s because of the way she grew up. He said, “Jada had family members that had an unconventional relationship. So she grew up in a way that was very different than how I grew up.” He added, “And for the large part of our relationship, monogamy was what we chose, not thinking of monogamy as the only relational perfection.” He went on to say, “Marriage for us can’t be a prison.”

Smith knows that his marriage to Jada is not conventional. He doesn’t recommend their marriage journey to anyone, yet he says that it has worked for them. He explained, “The experiences that the freedoms that we’ve given one another and the unconditional support, to me, is the highest definition of love.”

Watch the video below for more details on Smith’s unconventional marriage.

Does it surprise you that Smith and Pinkett Smith decided not to be monogamous at one point in their marriage? Does it surprise you how open and honest they have been about their unconventional marriage?