Every year when Halloween comes around and kids go trick-or-treating, they eagerly hold out their bags and buckets for candy as they say, “Trick or treat!” 

Obviously kids (and parents) love candy, but we all have our favorites. You probably know which houses give out the “good” candy, and you make sure you never miss those houses. You also know which houses tend to give out candy that nobody likes.

But, what exactly is “good” candy? What is “bad” candy? It seems like an oxymoron.

Everyone has their own favorite type of candy, but there are some stand out favorites and some stand out, well, losers. In order to figure out exactly what candy kids want this year, Candystore.com compiled the data. They looked at best and worst candy lists compiled by multiple reputable websites, and they also conducted their own research, surveying over 20,000 customers.

When they talled the data, they posted the results, and although this may sound silly, please take these results seriously, especially in 2020. Many families won’t be trick-or-treating this year, and if you happen to be taking part in any event where kids can enjoy a taste of a normalish Halloween, please make sure you’re giving out the “good” candy.

Watch the video below to learn the most disliked Halloween candy.


Candy corn was the big loser last year as well. Personally, we like candy corn, but we can kind of see how it doesn’t compare to some other treats like peanut butter cups, which happen to be the big winner on the list of favorite candy.

This graphic shows the least favorite Halloween treats. Do you agree?

Worst Halloween Candy by CandyStore.comSource: CandyStore.com

Meanwhile, here are the candy treats that are considered “good” candy.

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

  2. M&Ms

  3. Snickers

  4. Skittles

  5. Sour Patch Kids

  6. Twix

  7. KitKat

  8. Butterfinger

  9. Nerds

  10. Hershey Bar

Did your favorite candy make the top 10 list? It seems that you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

What’s your favorite type of Halloween candy? Will you be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters this year? What type of Halloween candy do you usually buy?