I’ve been thinking, what did we eat when we were poor? I grew up poor but never hungry. There might be someone out there that doesn’t know how to feed a family on very little money. We never complained because we didn’t have anything different and were taught you eat to live, not live to eat.

We’ll start with meat: very expensive and you won’t be able to buy much. Buy only sales and stick to less tender cuts. Here’s where cooking comes in:
to stretch a meat budget serve it only when mixed with other food as vegetables, beans, rice, potatoes etc. Chicken leg quarters, pork roast, shank ham, and sometimes country ribs can be bought at less than $1.00 a lb.

The biggest protein value is dry beans, peas and legumes. Learn to make them many different ways. Bean patties, beans and dumplings, beans and rice and my favorite beans and potatoes.

Eggs are very versatile. They’ll go further if you don’t scramble them, serve them one by one or make french toast (day old bread)

Next is vegetables: canned are cheap and good for you. Buy produce on sale & stock up on canned food sales. Cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, squash and a host of others are available and cheap.

Make your own baking mix, cornbread mix and spice mixes, put oatmeal in blender and make oat flour to toss in baked goods, biscuits and etc for extra nutrition.

Buy bread from a day old bakery, better yet, make it yourself.

DO NOT buy anything pre-cooked or pre-made.

Think out of the box.

Hope this will help someone.