We love being parents. Really, we do, but no parent will ever tell you that being a parent is easy. There’s a lot of sacrifice. There’s a lot of eating your kids’ leftover fish sticks and wiping up messes. There’s not a lot of time to yourself.

Especially now when kids are doing school at home and parents aren’t getting much of a break, it helps to feel like we’re not alone. Guess what? We’re not. Even animals can relate to our experience of being overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, frustration and an extreme amount of love…all caused by our offspring. It’s a mix of emotions, but it’s very real.

Mother’s Day may be over, but moms, we see you. In fact, we see you in the expressions on these animals’ faces.

These photos of animals with their babies will make you smile, make you laugh and hopefully make you feel a little more ready to take on the day, whatever that may involve.

  1. Please Don’t Wake Them Up!

  2. We Know That Faraway Look

  3. So…Tired

  4. I Told You….

  5. Enough Is Enough

  6. This Isn’t What I Signed Up For

  7. So…Stressed…Out

  8. I Can’t Move Or They’ll Wake Up…I’m Stuck Here

  9. That New Mom Look

  10. This Is My Life Now

  11. You Get Used to Having Claws in Your Back


  12. Now, Pay Attention…

  13. When Do I Get to Sleep?

  14. Do They Ever Stop Talking?

  15. Don’t Bother Me; I’m Just Closing My Eyes

  16. No, It Doesn’t Hurt at All (Sarcasm)

  17. What Has My Life Become?

  18. Mom, Are You Listening?

  19. There’s No Such Thing as Personal Space

  20. It Was a Long Day

  21. This Is Important…