Let’s be honest — we’ve all had a disappointing barbecued chicken experience, haven’t we? Summer comes, we bust out our grills, we throw the chicken on there, and what do we get? Dry chicken that’s somehow black and burnt on the outside and still a little underdone on the inside.

How about we all agree to avoid future mishaps and instead learn the perfect chicken-grilling technique from Everyday Food! Their video below teaches us three golden rules for absolutely perfect, delicious chicken.

The tricks below work for both inside and outside grilling, and are effective for all parts of your chicken; breasts, thighs, wings, etc. Every step in this technique is easy-to-follow and results in juicy, tender chicken with that perfect crispy skin we all crave.

Watch the video below with brilliant chef, Thomas Joseph, to become the official grill master of summer.

Have you learned the rules by heart yet? Did you know any of these before, or were they all surprises to you? Personally, the part about moving the chicken to a cooler part of the grill surprised us! What are your secrets for the perfect barbecued poultry?