The coronavirus pandemic has caused countless consequences—loss of jobs, loss of lives, loss of sanity…we’re ready for it to just be gone forever!

However, while we wait for that day, we have to admit: There are also a few good things to come out of this pandemic, if you can believe that.

For example, it turns out that when you’re forced to quarantine for an extended period of time, a lot of people have found joy in some of the simple pleasures in life again—whether it’s something like baking banana bread or heading to a drive-in movie.

Let’s talk about the latter. Around the country, drive-in movie theaters have begun to pop up to lift the spirits of people who are feeling down about having to be inside at home all the time. There’s just something about sitting in your car watching a flick on the big screen like the olden days.

With drive-ins escalating in popularity, that means many businesses are getting creative and setting up drive-in theaters any way they can–like right in their parking lots, like this winery turned movie theater.

And now, beginning in August through October, Walmart is joining in on the fun. The retailer has just announced that they will be transforming 160 of their store parking lots into drive-in theaters so locals can have another option to enjoy the drive-through this summer.

To make the drive-ins possible, Walmart will be partnering with Tribeca Enterprises, which will be in charge of programming the films. While the exact movies that will air on the big screen haven’t been announced yet, a list of more than 300 films is on the horizon. The locations of the theaters are also TBA.

“Walmart will roll out this red carpet experience in towns across the country for a combined 320 showings,” Walmart said in a statement. “This family-friendly night will include hit movies, special appearances from filmmakers and celebrities and concessions delivered right to customer vehicles.”

If your summer to-do list begins to look impossible thanks to all the businesses that remain closed, then you might consider heading to a Walmart drive-in for a socially distance-appropriate night of fun.

You can learn more about the Walmart drive-in here, or check out the video below!

Are you a fan of the drive-in movie theater? Is this an activity you feel comfortable doing amid the pandemic? What other COVID-19-friendly activities are on your list to accomplish this summer?