We all know what happens when we ask Alexa via our Amazon Echo for a fun fact or a reminder about a doctor’s appointment—she gives you a clear answer. In fact, most of us can probably hear her in our heads if we close our eyes and visualize the scenario. She has a very distinct voice, after all.

However, that’s all going to be changing soon—for the better. Though there’s nothing wrong with the standard Alexa voice, wouldn’t the level of awesome be enhanced if we could ask questions and hear the answers through the voices of our favorite celebrities?

It sure would be! And soon enough, celebrities will be lending their voices to Amazon‘s Alexa devices in a new upgraded feature…everyone from Cardi B to Gordon Ramsay—aka celebrities with very distinct voices. But one of the first celebrity voices to be released? Actor and film producer Samuel L Jackson himself!

In the upgrade, Jackson will be able to “tell you jokes, let you know if it’s raining, set timers and alarms, play music and more — all with a bit of his own personality,” Amazon’s official blog post on the feature states.

What do they mean by “personality”? Well, there will be two versions of Jackson’s voice: explicit and non-explicit (both of which come in the update). That’s right, your Echo can now curse at you if you so wish, all in the voice of Samuel L. Jackson.

I mean, is this not a time to be alive, or what?

The celebrity voices upgrade will cost just 99 cents for an introductory offer, and then $4.99 after that. The feature is said to launch later this year.

What do you think of getting to have Samuel L. Jackson give you updates via your Amazon Echo? Do you think this is something you’d use? Which celebrity’s voice would be your #1 choice to replace Alexa’s if you could choose?