We have a very important question: If someone asks you to draw a star, how do you do it? You know, which end do you start at and where do you end up?

You might think there’s an obvious answer to that question, as in, everyone draws stars the same. But one Facebook post that recently went viral revealed that, in fact, not all stars are created equal. In fact, everyone seems to draw them differently—which is blowing everyone’s mind.

“I’m losing my marbles, ya’ll. Apparently I do this weird because no one else has said what I say,” the original poster wrote on her post, referring to drawing a star.

She attached an image of a star explaining that she starts and ends on the bottom left corner, going to the right, then the left, then down to the bottom right and up to the top. You may completely agree with that…or you may think that’s super strange.

She asked at the end of the post how other people draw their stars, and man, did people have a lot to say.

It turns out that we all learned to draw stars in a completely different way. Some people start and end at the top. Some people start on the top right or the bottom left, or really at any point in the star.

It’s one of those things that everyone does a little differently—and yet, everyone can’t believe that’s how the other person does it.

For whatever reason, drawing stars is one complex activity! We can’t wait to ask around and see how others draw a tar.

How did you learn to draw a star? Which end do you start and end with? Do you think it’s strange that your friend or family member might draw it a bit differently than you do?