Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Gergely Dudás (aka “Dudolf”). *Hand shoots up*

If you don’t know, Dudlof is best known for his seek-and-find picture games, where he illustrates a bunch of a similar object with one nearly similar object weaved in that you need to find.

Lately, he’s been stumping us with his fun holiday-relevant puzzles. For example, around Halloween, he shared his puzzle of a sea of ghosts where one single polar bear was hiding. When Thanksgiving rolled around, his brain-teasing creation was full of autumn harvest fun: a photo of tons of adorable squirrels in which just one measly mouse is hidden.

Around Christmas time, he was it again: He asked us to find Santa’s hat among all the snowmen in this picture. We felt pretty jolly until we couldn’t find the hat for the life of us! Well, until we did. Then we wanted more puzzles.

There’s no stopping Dudlof now—we’re onto the next best holiday: Valentine’s Day! And you better believe Dudlof created a new puzzle for us to get lost in. The task: Find the lone heart in a slew of pink, purple and red snails. Here it is below!

Right away, you’ll notice all of those lovely-colored snail shells, some with happy snail heads popping out of them. Some snails have found their mate, and some are still looking, but no matter which one you look at first, each one is cuter than the next.

With all of the swirly notes of the snail shells, the heart that Dudlof hid so well blends right in. According to social media, the find times for the heart varied greatly—some found it in seconds, some a few minutes, and others had to surrender and click on Dudlof’s answer when they gave up.

We’ll share the photo one more time so you can really give it your all!

Did you find the heart yet?

We’ll give you a hint: Search the left side of the photo. Do you see it yet?

How about now?

If you give up, you can find the solution here. Don’t worry there’s always Valentine’s Day chocolate to make you feel better!

How long did it take you to spot the heart in Dudlof’s Valentine’s Day puzzle? Did you ever find it, or did you give up and click on the solution button? Which of his puzzles did you find the hardest—or easiest?