Summer is a great time to enjoy a cold glass or bottle of beer. Sometimes though, especially if you’re spending time outside, the beer gets warm or flat before you can finish it. If this happens, don’t throw away the extra! There are some uses you can put this flat beer to even if you wouldn’t drink it. Check out some of the ideas from DIY Life:

  • Enrich Soil: if you’ve got some extra flat beer left in your bottle, dump a couple of tablespoons into your garden. The yeast will cultivate the soil and help plants grow healthier.
  • Polish Wood Furniture: pour some leftover beer onto a microfiber rag and rub it into wooden furniture to add some shine and deepen the color.
  • Tenderize a T-Bone: marinade a cut of meat in some beer for about an hour to infuse the meat with some great flavor.

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