When you make it to the national level of any type of competition, you know there’s something special about the competitors. Whether it’s a competition for a sport, music, dance or something else, the competitors are at the top of their game.

When we see these best of the best performers, and when we know what the competition is all about, we have certain expectations of what we’re going to see. We think of the traditional way something is done and simply expect these performers to do it really, really well.

For example, in a singing competition we expect the performers to have outstanding voices, or in a race, we expect the competitors to be very, very fast. These expectations are often met, but sometimes our expectations are also met with surprise in a very good way.

At the 2013 Clogging Champions of America in Knoxville, TX, two performers stood out. Their names are Madison and Morgan, and they performed as a duet.

When these young ladies stood on the stage, their backs to the audience, their hands at their sides, we didn’t know what to expect, and neither did the audience.

When Madison and Morgan turned around and started dancing, the audience immediately started cheering and screaming in response to their very unconventional clogging steps.

Clogging is a type of dance that started in the Appalachian Mountains in the mid 1700s. It’s a foot tapping type dance, but it’s not the same as tap dancing, which started in NYC. Traditionally, clogging is done more flat-footed than tap dancing, and cloggers wear different shoes than tappers.

Even if you don’t know a lot about clogging, it’s easy to appreciate Madison and Morgan’s performance. Their high energy and creative steps won over the crowd.

For a preview of their performance and more about the history of clogging, watch the video below.

Commenters are split about whether Morgan and Madison’s performance is really clogging or not. Some wrote things like, “Talented, BUT that is NOT clogging….”

Other commenters argue that although it’s untraditional, it’s definitely clogging. One commenter wrote, “I am a clogger and I can tell u that this is definitely clogging it just looks different because of the footwork and how big they are making the steps.”

Overall, everyone who commented on the video found it impressive. One commenter wrote, “You go girls! I don’t know if they won the competition, but they should have!”

You can watch Morgan and Madison’s entire performance here.