Do you remember the days before a “selfie” was even a word? Maybe we’re dating ourselves, but it really wasn’t all that long ago. According to The Guardian, “selfie” was first used in Australia in 2002. It was officially added to the Oxford Dictionaries 11 years later is 2013.

Some people probably don’t know what they would do without the ability to take selfies. You know, all those Instagram and TikTok stars who take selfies pretty much every single day. Then there are those of us who take selfies with out kids or else we would never ever be in a picture with our kids. (Just us?)

Then there are people who never take selfies. Well, not quite. They take selfies, but they don’t share them anywhere or with anyone. As soon as they see the pictures they feel like the photos are too unflattering to ever post on social media.

Reddit user AsianBisht asked, “Anyone feels super cringey when taking selfies and therefore take none?” Apparently, a whole lot of people can relate. Scroll down to see 13 examples of why some people never take selfies.

  1. Deleting Them

    Reddit user 1nQoRKT wrote:

    I love standing in the mirror and posing and be like ’Ooh wow, I actually look a bit good today’ and then take some selfies and end up deleting all of them cause you look so ugly in the image

  2. Yes with One Exception

    Written by 2buckbill:

    Absolutely, though I do have one exception. That is when I am taking a selfie with my daughter. The only reason is that I want her to have a record of us together (she is only 8 months old) in case I get sick, or hit by a bus or something. My own mother passed a few years ago and we have very few photos together, I don’t want my daughter to experience that.

  3. Too Old?

    Shared by justjessica79:

    I am 40. Before I got rid of my FB I would always cringe whenever people in my age group or social circles would post pics with filters and the MySpace angles. I don’t think im an old lady but I feel like posting those pics after a certain age is weird.I do take them at favorable angles for my ego though. But i would never share them. Maybe someday when I’m dead my son will have access to my Google photos and find them. And he will remember me prettier than I am.

  4. Yes…but…

    Shared by jAsiKA13:

    Yes definitely, though I think I should take more pictures. Just fun memories or cool things I’m near, to evoke nostalgia in the future.

  5. The Photos Stay on the Phone

    Written by PM-Me-Your-TitsPlz:

    I don’t look that good, but I make sexy poses in the mirror when I’m trying on clothes in the store. The pictures have yet to leave my phone.

  6. Is There a Good Angle?

    Reddit user joshuas193 shared:

    Yes, that’s me. I can’t seem to find an angle that I don’t look terrible in, at least in my opinion.

  7. Taking Selfies Is Unhealthy?

    From zbryan727:

    It is unhealthy the amount of selfies some people take, and the fact that we normalize is weird.

  8. Weight Loss

    From Jeynarl:

    I’m working towards losing weight and I feel like selfies are harder on me than just a mirror is

  9. Too Much Effort

    Written by poorlyhiddenprofile:

    Yup. Havent taken much of a selfie since high school when i used to spend an embarassing number of afternoons taking pictures trying to “get a cute one.” I cringe even thinking about the 100 photos i would take to only like 1. Just not worth the effort anymore.

  10. The Mirror Is Deceiving

    DanRubix wrote:

    I do! I look at myself in the mirror and I look amazing but then I look at myself in a photo and I look like crap. This is because the mirror is a different version of you. Put a shirt with some words in front of a mirror and it will be reversed. So we prefer to look at our reversed selves instead of our actual selves in a photo! It is very interesting, I watched micheal from vsauce do a video about this I think.

  11. Only with the Dog

    From legendarylindz:

    I can’t comfortably take them unless I use my dog as a photo prop… it’s not so awkward if I’m not alone. But I still take 50 pictures and delete 49 of them.

  12. Too Narcissistic

    Written by bdblackjack:

    My feelings exactly! I feel everyone has joined the bandwagon of being a narcissist, and it’s just not something I can condone.

  13. Only with Other People

    glaudydevas wrote:

    Haha. I’ll take selfies with other people in front of monuments or special occasions, but I don’t do solo selfies. I think they’re pretentious.