Often, hidden picture puzzles are harder to solve than we think they will be. We often find ourselves thinking, how hard can it be? Then we realize that people who create hidden picture puzzles have tricks up their sleeve to make the puzzles quite challenging.

Gergely Dudás, also known as Dudolf, is a great artist, and a master at creating hidden picture puzzles. He is able to expertly hide something in a puzzle so that it’s far from easy to find. He’s also great at distracting us so that we realize we’re simply enjoying looking at the picture and then remember we’re supposed to be looking for a hidden object.

In a new puzzle that’s quite fitting for Halloween, Dudás has created a picture that’s full of white ghosts. The challenge is to find a hidden panda. At first, that sounds like quite an easy challenge. After all, ghosts and pandas don’t look anything alike, right? Wrong.

The typical cartoon version of a ghost is white with black eyes. Doesn’t sound too different from a panda. To make the puzzle even hard to solve, Dudás’s ghosts are set against a black background. That’s a lot of black and white to look through.

Remember how we said sometimes we find ourselves distracted by the picture itself? Dudás has done it again. Some of the ghosts are wearing hats, scarves, and sunglasses. There’s even a ghost wearing a bow tie. These objects are easy to see and find because they are in color instead of black or white.

If you want an easy challenge, find the ghost wearing the red bowtie. If you want a hard challenge, the challenge Dudás has given us, find the panda. Look at the picture below to see how long it takes you to find the hidden panda.

If you’re having trouble finding the panda, here are some tips. Start in one corner of the puzzle and slowly work your way across the puzzle in rows. Make sure you look at every detail and see if anything looks odd or out of place.

Want a hint? Pandas have ears. Ghosts do not. This particular panda has black ears.

If you’re still having trouble finding the panda, you can use the answer key to see it’s hiding spot.

How long did it take you to find the hidden panda? Did you have to use the answer key to find it? Did you think this was a challenging hidden picture puzzle?