Our freezer is next to our washer and dryer in the laundry room. These three appliances take up a full length of a wall, with no room to spare. We’re always dropping things behind these appliances, so we always have a straightened coat hanger nearby. But many items are not suitable for coat-hanger fishing.

In the past I have used a more sophisticated device known as a “preschooler.” Preschoolers are lightweight, have handy grabbers at the end of their arms, and are amused to be lowered headfirst to reach for lost toys. However preschoolers grow up to be teenagers, who are far less trusting.

So I came up with a solution using common household items. I removed the usual attachment to my vacuum cleaner hose, so that there was just a tube end. I covered the tube end, or hole, with a small circle of plastic mesh from a frozen turkey, and securely fastened this with a thick rubber band. Now I can reach behind the appliances with the vacuum cleaner hose, and suction up an item, without it going into the vacuum cleaner. I call this a “Junk Sucker” vacuum cleaner attachment.
This attachment (mesh and rubber band) store compactly in a prescription bottle in my junk drawer.