The dreaded chore: taking out the trash. If you’ve somehow gotten stuck with this stinky task, you’re probably unhappy. And we don’t blame you. Taking out the trash can be a smelly, messy, and downright gross chore – let’s face it, nobody likes doing it. If you hate taking out the garbage but have to anyways, you need to try this clever trash trick. We’re not saying you’ll like taking out the trash after trying this tip (we’re not sure how we could magically make that happen…), but we ARE saying this tip is going to make your life, and this annoying chore, a lot easier. And a lot less smelly.

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The worst part about taking out the garbage could arguably be getting the bag out of the trash bin. If the trash has really piled up (you weren’t putting this off, were you?), the bag may get too heavy and start to fall off the edges of the trash bin.

And, as most people can attest to, this is when things tend to get gross.

When the bag won’t stay up, garbage tends to fall all over the place – namely, in the bottom of the empty trash bin. So now you’ve got old, smelly garbage to clean up, on top of having an open bag of trash right in your face. Lovely.

Well, with this little trick, your garbage bag will never sag down again! Then you can just grab the bag out of the bin as you’re supposed to and hurry up this already unpleasant chore.

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Use Command hooks to keep your garbage from sagging downGrant Thompson

All you’ll need is some Command hooks from any store. Put a hook on each side of your bin about halfway down and there you have it! Sturdy hooks to loop your garbage bag ties around. This will keep the garbage bag firmly in the bin, even as trash starts to build, and even allow more room for more trash.

So, yes, you can put off that chore a little bit longer.

This trick also helps taking the trash out of the bin easier. Unhook the ties from the Command hooks and you’ll find you have all this extra, clean plastic at the top of the bag which you can use to avoid any of the gross things within.

The comparison between a trash bag with and without the hook hackGrant Thompson

Bonus Tips: Drill a few holes in the bottom of your garbage bin. This will take out any suction and let your full trash bag come more easily out of your bin when it’s time to take out the rubbish.

What do you think about this chore hack? Will you use this tip to make trash day easier? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.