Watch This Toddler’s Priceless Reaction to Being Told to Go to Sleep

Bedtime—the dreaded term that oftentimes invokes tantrums and lengthy outbursts from little ones far and wide. And while many eventually get used to the idea of getting to bed at a reasonable hour, every parent knows that toddlers are particularly hard to reason with when it comes to this contentious time of day!

While any normal tot will surely make their opinion known before receiving their “goodnight kiss”, one, in particular, has found a more creative way to bemoan her nightly routine.

The adorable star of this viral clip, Cassidy, has no quips about making it known as to how she feels regarding her bedtime. The curly-haired cutie does about everything she can think of to communicate to her mother that she is just not tired. She even manages to keep her pink pacifier in her mouth through the entire debate. What a talent!

OK, so maybe hers is not a response that all of us can necessarily decipher, but we think it is completely compelling. The tot DOES manage to “say” all she needs through a series of pleading hand gestures and strident movements. Her appeal even looks a bit like an interpretive dance. We love it!

From the start of this clip, we were definitely Team Cassidy. Now, we usually side with the parents when it comes to nighttime schedules—in fact, we even provide useful information to help them get their kid to sleep—but we think this gal’s making some really good points here. I mean, she certainly doesn’t seem all that tired!

How to make bedtime less acrimonious

We can joke all we want, but we know just how important it is for all of you moms and dads out there to get a good night’s rest yourselves! If you have a Cassidy of your own at home, then we have some sage advice via Parents that may help you get through those “terrible twos”.

The first rule of thumb is to pay close attention to your child’s changing needs. Toddlers outgrow habits just as fast as they do clothes, and sleep is certainly not an exception. Parents Magazine contributor Julie Knapp writes:

As kids get older, they might not need to catch their afternoon zzz’s on the same old schedule. Instead, look for clues that your toddler is getting tired. Put her down when she gets clingy, spacey, hyper, or starts rubbing her eyes.

Additionally, if your kid has a more active imagination, you may be used to hearing some creepy “monster in the closet-esque” tales. If that rings true for you, experts suggest getting creative by introducing “monster spray” or a protective teddy bear into their nightly routine. Sometimes the simplest solutions work best!

Now that you’ve gotten the lowdown on how to get your little ones to sleep with less drama, it’s time for you to check out little Cassidy’s convincing case yourselves. All of you lawyers out there, take notes; copying her masterful technique may just end up swaying a few judges out there! To witness this hilarity for yourself, be sure to click on the video below!

What do you think about Cassidy’s pleas? Do you have a toddler that won’t go to sleep? How do you get your little ones to settle down at night? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!