If you’re lucky enough to have experienced true love over a lifetime, that’s wonderful. And if you have a picture to document it, that’s just an added bonus.

The photos you’re about to scroll through will really tug at your heart strings. Whether it’s a husband and wife, a father and his daughter, siblings, best friends, you name it, each one proves that time may move on, but the love and silliness these people share does not.

Though the second photo in each of these before-and-afters, might display more wrinkles and other signs of old age, each one is sweeter than the last. Get the tissues ready!

  1. Man’s best friend

    10 years later, and the bond between this man and his dog is just as strong.

  2. Girl power

    These four best friends never lost touch—or their love of snacking!

  3. Brotherly love

    These brothers are just as goofy (and loving) as they were when they were babies.

  4. This adorable couple who loves cake

    From wedding day to being grandparents, this couple will always have their cake.

  5. Road trip

    The leg hair might’ve grown, but their seat in the car (and their outfits!) have not.

  6. This young merry pair

    What began with a sweet glance on a carousel ended with a sweet glance on a carousel. Their love truly makes the world go round! (Get it?)

  7. These best friends who always have each other’s backs

    Though it may have been a bit easier back in 2000…

  8. This daddy/daughter duo

    They’ll always dance together in the kitchen.

  9. And this father/son duo

    After 60 years, everything and nothing has changed at the same time.

  10. Riding dirty

    This couple is still “riding” out life together and more in love than ever. (Their love may not have faded, but the motorcycles have surely improved!)

  11. 60 years later

    From wedding day to a 60th anniversary and this couple could not be more in love.

  12. Prom dates

    20 years after prom and this couple still looks as dapper as ever!

  13. Floor snackers

    Nothing like eating a meal on the floor of a kitchen with your favorite gals—when you’re babies and also years later!

  14. Dress, suit, relationship: All still fits!

    This couple reenacted their wedding photo 45 years later.

  15. From ring bearer and flower girl to husband and wife

    Who knew that their wedding day would actually be the second time they walked down the aisle together?

  16. College sweethearts

    Same ledge, same couple, same love.

  17. Travel buddies

    This couple will never take for granted the adventures they’ve shared throughout the years—especially when they get to visit special locations years later. (Hint: This couple was on their honeymoon in the first photo!)

What do you think of these adorable lifelong loves? Do you have a photo you’ve ever reenacted that shows how time has persisted, but love stays true? Share your best one!