Throwing a child’s party feels like a jungle anyway, so why not embrace it and turn it into the theme?! Chances are, your kid adores animals anyway, which means she’ll love this Tiger Cake from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio. Not only does she show us how to ice the cake to mimic a tiger’s stripes, she also shows us how to bake the cake so there’s a surprise inside the treat as well. Plus, the tail is made out of something sugary and special! Watch to see what it is and how to make this truly terrrrific dessert!

You’ll Need

– Your favorite vanilla cake batter, colored plain, orange and black
– Your favorite vanilla buttercream, colored orange, white, black and yellow
– Marshmallows

Cute, right? The printable step-by-step directions are over on the Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio site, so grab your copy if you decide to give it a try. Will the little animal-lover in your life enjoy this cake? Can you think of anything other than marshmallows that might work for the tail? What about chocolate cake for the black layers inside? Tell us what you think!