There are some things in life that need to look or work in a specific way in order to be worth keeping. Then there are other things that are still usable even when they are broken. Have you ever thought about all of the broken things you continue to use? Reddit user Corbayne posed this question to the community:

“What do we continue to use after it is broken?”

Some of the answers left us thinking “of course.” Other answers are a little bit deeper. Scroll down to see 16 examples of things many of us continue to use long after they are technically broken.

  1. This Answer Is Delicious

    Reddit user Slow_but_curious has a great answer:

    Chocolate bar?

  2. Chalk

    From Reddit user RegulusMagnus:

    Had one professor that would always break a new piece of chalk in half before using it. I eventually realized that doing so, and writing from the broken end, greatly reduced the amount of high-pitched squeaking.

  3. Kids Do This One All the Time

    Written by Reddit user computerfan0:

    A crayon. A broken crayon works like two small crayons.

  4. Don’t Cut Your Fingers

    From ElaineCS:

    Phones, if the screen is cracked.

  5. This Is Pretty True

    kylorenlightsaber wrote:

    anything if you can’t afford a new one

  6. Clothes

    MasterPip wrote:

    Technically clothes in the sense that they can get holes or break off buttons/zippers etc. I still have clothes from 15 years ago. I don’t care if they have rips, tears, holes, missing buttons, or stains. They are still comfy and serve their purpose. Usually only at home.

  7. Broken Is the Only Way They Work

    A clever answer from mamawhalejg:

    Glow sticks

  8. Get out the Nail File

    From 00MVH00:

    Nails, like fingernails or toenails..

  9. Hair Brushes

    shortorangefish wrote:

    I’ve seen a lot of folks use crappy hairbrushes because they don’t feel like replacing their busted ones.

  10. Not Technically Broken, but Still a Good Answer

    From VictorBlimpmuscle:

    Baseball glove – actually can’t really use it until it’s broken (in)

  11. For the Avid Reader

    Written by Kitsunefae:

    Books (you can break the spine of hardcover books)

  12. Cars

    inkyrail added:

    Cars. The amount of unsafe heaps on the road (outside of areas with mandatory inspections) with bald tires, broken suspension parts, cracked windshields, etc makes me cringe every time I think about it.

  13. So Many Uses

    Shared by Iwantmyteslanow:

    Pallets, I’ve handled some that were so knackered the delivery guy wouldn’t accept em for liability, so the camp counsellors would have bonfires occasionally

  14. Value Far Beyond Function

    Written by Velkari:

    Even if it’s broken and it does have a sentimental value at all.

  15. It Still Serves the Purpose

    thewoodsiestoak wrote:

    Escalators. They just become stairs… or maybe they never break and always serve their purpose.

  16. Very True

    Written by DePro321:

    A heart. If our heart is broken by a crush, we still use it to pump oxygen-rich blood through our body.