Life is full of expenses. Some of them are essential, like food and a place to live. Some of them are luxuries like vacations and designer shoes. 

We all decide what’s most important to us when we decide how to spend our money. There are some things that we probably consider essential items that other people never buy or use. 

Reddit user BossHoggs posed the question, “What does everyone spend money on that you refuse to spend money on?” Some of the answers make a lot of sense, and some of them might surprise you. Here are 13 of our favorite responses.

  1. Expensive Shoes for Kids

    Reddit user Lupita020697 wrote:

    Not everyone but I know there are people out there who do this kind of stuff. Expensive shoes (I.e Jordan’s) for my 4 year old child (especially when he was even younger). Kids feet grow so fast it is just pointless and expensive and they shouldn’t care about the brand.

  2. Lottery Tickets

    Written by hilzanne:

    Lottery tickets. A lot of people I work with buy them all the time.

  3. Lunch

    From NunuF:

    Daily lunches at work, mostly the reason is they don’t like to prepare it at home themselves. Occasionally I treat myself, it stays special this way.

  4. Textbooks

    SouthernYankeeWitch shared:

    Buying textbooks from the school store. They’re cheaper online to buy, and cheaper even still to rent.

  5. Food Delivery

    Written by NinjaShira:

    Food delivery services like Door Dash and Uber Eats. I looked into it once or twice, and it’s ridiculous how expensive it is. And not just the delivery fee plus the driver tip, but the menu prices themselves are almost always higher on the app as well. I’ll just get my ass in the car and drive to Chipotle myself, thanks.

  6. Shipping

    Shared by RockClimber247:

    Shipping. I’ll wait a week for free shipping, thanks.

  7. K-Cups

    metric-poet wrote:

    Coffee pods or k-cups. I only use the refillable kind.

  8. Bottled Water

    kingpinning shared:

    Bottled water. I live in Scotland where the tap water is drinkable and glorious but I still see people buy bottled water regularly.

  9. Alcohol

    Reddit user shadyxstep added:

    Alcohol in nightclubs/bars. Extortionate where I’m from.

  10. ATM Fees

    From loveislandfan11:

    I refuse to take money out of an ATM that charges me. I think it’s ridiculous that they charge you to take your own money out of your bank account. It might sound stupid because it’s only like 99p they charge but I still think it’s unfair.

  11. Multiple Video Streaming Services

    Written by SlothReflexes:

    Almost all of video streaming services at the same time. I don’t need Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Prime Video if I can only watch one at a time.

  12. Dating Apps

    From im5rk:

    Dating apps. I’m okay with the ads… and the limits… also I’ve accepted that I’ll die old with my cats…

  13. Collectibles

    Written by FenGreWolf:

    Those collectible figures, and statues. They are way too overpriced, occupy too much space, and are dust collectors. No thanks.