Not everything is as easy as it looks. We’ve probably all had at least one experience where we thought something would be easy, and it ended up being extremely difficult. Sometimes this is because the pros make things look easy. Other times, it’s our lack of experience in the area.

Reddit user CMBgamer2018TV asked, “What was something you thought would be easy, until you tried it?” The answers are informative and sometimes funny.

Scroll down to see some examples of things Reddit users thought were easy until they gave it a try. You might be able to relate to some of these things, or you might find that something you thought was easy is actually harder than it looks.

  1. Snowboarding

    Reddit user Terds4Nerds wrote:

    Snowboarding. I grew up on skis and when I tried snowboarding I literally just rolled down the entire mountain like a slinky on the stairs

  2. Playing the Guitar Like a Pro

    37bagsofdragonass explained:

    Playing the guitar. The jump from not being able to play anything to playing basic chords and a couple songs you like isn’t that much and it makes you feel like such a badass. But the jump again to a working musician is astronomical. I tried and just got burnt out and it wasn’t fun anymore.

  3. “Ninja Warrior”

    ckuiper shared:

    A lot of the parts from that Ninja Warrior show. I’m a very physically fit guy and always thought that first course looked like a breeze.Then I found a local gym with the different elements set up. Even just that very first part where you hop across a few platforms was tough.

  4. Making Friends

    MaeveTheBrave added:

    Making (and maintaining) friends as an adult.I never really put much thought into this, until I had no friends left in adulthood, and realized how easy it used to be as a kid in school in comparison.

  5. Learning Another Language

    antiquasi answered:

    Learning a second language, I understand it’s far easier as an adolescent but, whew, conversational German for a English speaker is very hard for me

  6. Pottery

    GreenOnionCrusader shared:

    Pottery. I made a couple of very small, crappy bowls on the wheel, but the thing I made the best and far more often was a giant mess. I can sculpt fine but those stupid bowls get me.

  7. It’s Different When You’re in Your 60s

    miz_mantis added:

    Rolling down a pretty steep grassy hill when you’re in your sixties. Sounds easy and fun, right? OMG, no.

  8. Weight Loss

    linki_arts explained:

    Losing weight. OMG the temptation of eating cookies is so big

  9. Golf

    DrLovingstone wrote:

    Golf. I was watching the US Open on TV and seeing the players chatting with their caddies as they took a leisurely stroll down the fairway in the sunshine, I thought ‘That’s the game for me.’So I borrowed a set of clubs and went out. On my own. In the UK. In winter. I got home wet, tired, hungry and covered in mud and scratches with twigs in my hair after hitting about 200 strokes and losing over a dozen balls. I played for a couple of years but I was still pretty bad at it.

  10. Cake Decorating

    PeterNinkimpoop added:

    Decorating cakes with various style frosting tips. You have to get the frosting at just the right temp or it all either melts immediately or it’s too hard to work with… apparently also works better with home made frosting. I bought whipped buttercream that comes in a little tub and it was way too oily. Still looked alright but I definitely want to get better at it! I’m artistic and thought it would come naturally to me but it was really not as easy as it looks.

  11. Ending a Toxic Relationship

    rachh90 shared:

    getting out of a toxic relationship. i looked down on women who complained about being in an abusive situation, i thought they were weak. “they can just leave” i would say to myself. i was wrong and i apologize to any woman i thought negatively of because of that.

  12. Rock Climbing

    ViceroyInhaler explained:

    Rock climbing. I’m not saying I thought it was easy and it wouldn’t be a challenge, but I at least expected it to be fun. Well let me tell you if you are out of shape it hurts. I nearly ran a red light because my legs were so sore afterwords I couldn’t bend my ankle to press the brakes so I had to slam my foot down on the brake pedal.

  13. Skating in Hockey Skates

    Ennion wrote:

    I know how to roller skate, even ice skated with figure skates. I can skateboard, mountain bike, ski, wake board and water ski. When I laced up some hockey skates and tried to even resemble skating like a hockey player it blew my mind how difficult it was. Insanely hard. I gained a new respect for hockey and how those players can automatically move effortlessly while controlling the puck with a stick. Absolutely awesome.