Even if you might not be happy ALL of the time, there’s probably something in life that puts a smile on your face. Picture it. What is it?

The people of Reddit have spoken and shared some of the things that just always make them happy. We dare you to read this list without feeling happy, too!

  1. Libraries

    “No matter which town or city I’m in, I’m immediately more at peace if I can go to a library and spend half an hour or so just browsing the shelves. The fact that there’s a place where you can just be, where you can sit and read and learn things and enjoy entertainment with nothing more than the promise that you’ll bring it back when you’re done with it so someone else can enjoy it… it’s a tremendously peaceful thought.”

  2. The Fall Season

    “September is here and the heat died down, the days are shorter and I had to get a blanket out last night. That makes me like…irrational levels of happy.”

  3. Being Productive

    “Whether work or just lifey/chorey things. Seeing items crossed off my to-do list is satisfying.”

  4. Making Something With Your Hands

    “I have a low-key dream to own a piece of land and build a nice workshop (or cave) there and start building things with wood.”

  5. Solo Travel

    “I’ve been all over the world by myself and the best memories are the ones unplanned. I make friends super easy and I’m that typical loud, huggy Texan so people are generally warm to me minus Germany. I’ve been invited to eat dinner at people’s homes, share a pint at a bar, and hike cliffs with someone that doesn’t share the same language. Travel tears down the walls of ignorance and builds the love of others.”

  6. Tea With a Side of No Plans

    “A nice cup of tea in the afternoon with nothing else to do for the rest of the day!”

  7. A Cold Room

    “Sleeping in my air-conditioned room after being out for several hours in the hot weather.”

  8. Cuddling

    “I find that I am happiest when I’m cuddled up with my husband, discussing nothing in particular. I could give the whole world up to have that feeling forever.”

  9. Support

    “Just love me and support me and I’ll live forever.”

  10. Praise

    “Getting praised for doing something right, since I always mess up almost everything and I’ve disappointed many people.”

  11. Meshing Well With Others

    “Just talking/vibing with certain people is absolutely awesome.”

  12. Teaching

    “I teach games development at a university, and honestly, the only time I’m happy lately is when I’m in the labs teaching and seeing the students get excited about their projects as I take them through how to make them work. I’m an early stage recovering alcoholic, and a lot of the time lately, with lockdown and everything, it’s a constant struggle to stay off the bottle. But when I’m running a class, it completely leaves my mind. I’ve done every job under the sun at this point, but this is the first where I’ve felt like I’m truly where I belong and at peace. I’m about to go into year 4 of the job, and I can’t wait.”

  13. Dog Greetings

    “Opening the door and seeing my dog staring at me with a ball in is mouth.”

  14. And Kid Greetings, Too

    “My beautiful little two year old daughter when she sees me for the first time all day and runs over to me and hugs my leg until I pick her up.”

  15. Spending Time With Loved Ones

    “The older I get the more important this becomes. no one prepares you for when you turn 30 your family around you starts to get older and sometimes sick. I guess I wouldn’t of wanted to know if I could but it hurts to watch the people of your old life start to fade away.”

What’s something that always makes you happy?