These days, things change so quickly that it’s hard to remember some of the things that used to exist. But when someone mentions something that used to be the norm however many years ago, you might find yourself wondering why said thing doesn’t still exist.

In a recent AskReddit thread, someone asked people to share the top things that don’t exist anymore but should come back. We love these answers!

  1. Trix Swirl Yogurt Cups

    “I’d get them at school but shake them up real good before opening. That way people would think I got a bad one when they saw me open it revealing a uniform brown or gray-green color.”

  2. Toys in Breakfast Cereal

    “Rather than an online code for a chance to win a contest if you download their sh*tty game app.”

  3. Kids Cartoons

    “Saturday morning cartoons. Fox Kids, 1 Saturday Morning, Kids WB, BKN…I remember watching the CW4Kids block after it replaced Kids WB when I was in my early 20s, and I knew the writing was on the wall. It became Vortexx for a bit, and even that ended by 2014.”

  4. Home Economics Classes

    “It is shocking how many people leave school with no idea how to take care of themselves.”

  5. Altoid Sours

    “Easiest was to nuke your tongue. Sure if ya ate an entire tin on the bus you wouldn’t be able to taste for days, but damn they were good.”

  6. Glass Cups From McDonald’s

    “I used to have the glass Mason jar type cups with the McDonald’s characters on them (Grimace, Hamburglar, etc.). Talk about old school…”

  7. Glass Bottles/Recycling Programs

    “Good ol’d USSR. We had three types of bottles. Beer bottle, Stolichnaya vodka bottle, and milk bottle. All were returnable for money.”

  8. 3D Doritos

    “I loved those.”

  9. Drive-in Theaters

    “We can certainly use them now while everyone is distancing.”

  10. Products That Were Built to Last

    “Old refrigerators and cars were built to last. Then corporations realized they could rig stuff to degrade over time forcing you to buy another. Now iPhones will start having problems after two years.”

  11. QWERTY Keyboards (Like on Blackberries)

    “Touch screen texting is the BANE of my existence.”

  12. Vine Videos

    “Vines really cheered me up when I was going through such a rough time. It’s insanely admirable, the amount of creativity that surrounded 6 seconds of footage. It was way ahead of its time! TikTok wishes she was Vine but she ain’t.”

  13. Dunkaroos

    “Dunkaroos were still around until a couple years ago I believe but the cookies changed to shortbread. It was disappointing.”

  14. Intermissions During Long Movies

    “Especially useful now that movies tend to be much longer than they were, say, 20 years ago. My bladder would thank you.”

  15. Old School Animal Planet

    “Back when we had the Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin on the channel just with animals. I always loved that channel as a kid. Man old school Discovery, Animal Planet, and History channels were the best.”

We forgot about so many of these things! What else would you add to this list?