Kids and teens think they know everything, but parents know they have a lot to learn. For example, kids might think they are able to keep secrets from their parents, and sometimes the parents let them believe this while actually being in on the secret the whole time. 

Reddit user Plasma55 asked, “Moms of reddit, what’s something you know about your kid(s) that they don’t think you know about them?” The answers reveal just how savvy parents actually are. Even some kids chimed in offering examples of times they were surprised at what their parents really knew about them.

If you’re a kid or teen, be warned; your parents probably know a lot more about you than you think. If you’re a parent, you’ll probably find yourself nodding in agreement at some of these answers.

  1. She Just Might Have a Crush

    Reddit user amandal0514 shared:

    My teenage daughter doesn’t know that I know she Snapchats with the boy she says she can’t stand and saves everything he sends her.

  2. Rock Collection

    scummish wrote:

    Not a mom but an aunt, my niece(4) is obsessed with rocks. She had an extensive rock collection that my brother and I helped build. when her little sister(2) swallowed a rock from it her parents made her throw out the entire collection. She threw it out and when they weren’t looking she got it back out. She keeps it hidden in her closet and i only know about it because i found her playing with it once while babysitting.

  3. Uber

    trainpk85 added:

    I know my 13 year old daughter takes an Uber to school when it’s raining or when she is running late. She doesn’t realise her Uber account is connected to my credit card and she must think the Uber fairy pays for it.

  4. Mom Hears Everything

    SirOrville shared:

    I’m a kid but whenever I get up to have a midnight snack no matter how quiet I am my mom magically wakes up and asked if I’m ok. Like how!? I made literally no noise!

  5. Borrowing Clothes

    chaotic_random wrote:

    My eldest stepdaughter, 14, borrows my clothes and returns them to my closet when she’s done wearing them. Not that big of a deal, but I really wish she’d ask. She goes to great length to deny that she likes my style of clothing…She will hide them in her bookbag and change in the bathroom at school. I’ve tried buying her similar styles in her own size (she’s a medium, I’m a large/xl) but she still always goes right back to mine. I’m honored that she likes my style, even if it’s in secret, and hope that one day we can use this as a bonding experience.

  6. Not as Grown Up as He Pretends to Be

    Another example from chaotic_random:

    My eldest son, 13, still sleeps with his plush Dalek at night. He waits until his brother (they share a room) goes to sleep, then gets it out of the top of the closet and sleeps with it, and returns it to its place in the morning. I hope he never grows out of loving something so dearly that he just can’t part with it.

  7. YouTube

    HammeredHeretic wrote:

    I know that he’s watching YouTube videos about minecraft on his phone when he’s supposed to be sleeping. I make a bit of noise in the hallway an hour after bedtime, and listen for the sound of him putting his phone away, then ten minutes later there’s undeniable sounds of sleep breathing. I don’t wanna always “catch” him. He needs to be able to get away with some things.

  8. The Stone Fairy

    OilsGalore added:

    Since Christmas my almost six year old daughter has been leaving stones from the garden in front of my bedroom door. She’s been telling me it’s the stone fairy.

  9. Lunch

    Shared by Nacille:

    My son doesn’t eat the sandwiches I make him for lunch at school. He just throws them away and eats the chips and cookie.

  10. Boogers

    PeeWaterPoopNoodles wrote:

    My three-year-old son wipes his boogers on the walls. He denies it’s him. I’ve seen him do it.

  11. Reading at Night

    ImHardMadeOfAmerican shared:

    When I was a kid used to hide a book under my pillow (I can’t remember exactly the brand but I think it was The Magic Tree House books?) And I had these fish lights that I hung over my headboard and at night I’d always tell my mom to leave the lights on because “I was scared of the dark” I’d stay up for hours reading those books. Then one time my book was on my night stand rather than under my pillow where I ALWAYS kept it. That’s when I knew she knew my tricks. :p

  12. Internet Girlfriend

    creepy-linguini shared:

    My daughter (12) has tons of internet friends, and role plays with them. I know she has an internet girlfriend. She wont’ say anything about it to me for some reason (we’re very close, so i’m really surprised by this). But, the internet girlfriend has her name on her instagram page with lots of hearts and a date so I have to imagine that’s when they started dating. It’s cute, it really is, but she would NEVER admit it to me for whatever reason.

  13. Sweet Tooth

    eharward90 wrote:

    My six year old has a sweet tooth. She has various hiding spots in her room where she keeps her secret candy stash that she thinks I don’t know about.