There are people with perfect manners—the ones who always say please and thank you and pull the chair out for you. But then there are those people who seem to have no idea what a manner even is.

In a recent AskReddit thread, people sounded off about some of the rude things people with bad manners do, and man, we can relate. Here are the top answers.

  1. Leaving Weights Out

    “People that don’t put their weights away at the gym.”

  2. Letting Kids Run Rampant

    “I’ve seen parents watch as their kid pops their fingers through every package of meat at the grocery store and do nothing…”

  3. Not Returning the Cart

    “When grocery shoppers leave their carts in the middle of the aisle instead of pulling over. Come on folks… it’s not that hard!”

  4. Littering at Tables

    “People who leave their litter and uneaten food all over fast food restaurant tables, and the floor area.”

  5. No Control Over Your Kids

    “People who let their kids run around in a movie theater, kick the back of your seat repeatedly, and hang on you.”

  6. No Supermarket Etiquette

    “Standing in the middle of the aisle at a grocery store.”

  7. Spreading Germs

    “Coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth.”

  8. Excluding One Friend

    “Inviting everyone in the friend group to an event and excluding just one friend then proceeding to talk about how much fun they’re going to have at said event in front of the person that was purposely excluded , in front of everybody.”

  9. No Warning When Turning

    “People who don’t use turn signals. Drives me crazy.”

  10. Throwing Trash Out the Car Window

    “Hung out with a co-worker once and he threw all his garbage out the window of his car onto the street. Never hung out with him again.”

  11. Phone Call Interruptions

    “When you’re having a nice chat with someone and they start saying things that don’t seem to make sense to you….then you realize they just answered a call on their @#$% Bluetooth phone ear thingy and are not even talking to you anymore.”

  12. No Introductions

    “When I’m out with a friend and we meet someone they know but I don’t, and that person makes no effort to introduce themselves to me or include me in the conversation. Like, I know I’m the designated Less Hot Friend but you don’t have to remind me of it.”

  13. Loud Neighbors

    “Apartment neighbors who slam their doors as hard as they can.”

What thing would you add that shows people have bad manners?