Everyone spells words wrong occasionally. But there are quite a few words that are constantly being butchered, and the grammar nazis of the world have something to say about it.

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared the most frustrating typo that always presses their buttons. We bet you hate these, too!

  1. Lose and Loose

    “They mean two different things people!”

  2. Definitely

    “It would defiantly be this one.”

  3. Their, There and They’re

    “There so annoying when people use them uncorrectly, they’re stupidity nose no bounds.”

  4. Then and Than

    “Then – relates to time, Than – used for comparison.”

  5. To and Too

    “It’s so prevalent that even mainstream media has taken it onboard.”

  6. Would Have and Would Of

    “Just because ‘would’ve’ sounds like ‘would of’ doesn’t mean it’s correct!”

  7. I Could Care Less

    “It makes no sense if you just take 2 seconds to think about what you’re saying.”

    Apart and A Part

  8. “This one bothers me so much that I have a petty little Instagram folder for posts that include ‘apart’ instead of ‘a part’ because NO ONE ELSE EVER SEEMS TO NOTICE. So it serves as my proof.”

  9. Woman and Women

    “I never see people [mess] up man and men, why does the ‘wo’ suddenly make it confusing?”

  10. Allowed and Aloud

    “I’ve seen so many people type ‘aloud’ instead of ‘allowed.’ Does my head in.”

  11. College and Collage

    “I despise it and see it a little bit too often for my liking.”

  12. Breath and Breathe

    “i can’t stand when people type ‘it’s hard to breath.’”

  13. Every Day and Everyday

    “I see this error every day; this error is an everyday occurrence.”

What grammar mistake annoys you the most?