Adopting an animal can truly be the best thing you’ve ever done. You’re making such a difference in their lives—perhaps they were once abused, unfed, left out on the streets—and now, you’re giving them a home filled with love.

While dogs might get a lot of attention when it comes to adopting, we can’t forget about our feline friends. Cats have feelings too! That will be made apparent when you see these before and after photos of cats before adoption—and then how they’re thriving once they were adopted. Check ‘em out below!

  1. This Regal Kitty

  2. This Blue-Eyed Cutie

  3. This Trimmed Up Tabby

  4. Mellow Mavish

  5. This Healthy Looker

  6. This Long-Whiskered Beaut

  7. This Cuddle Bug

  8. This Stray No More

  9. This “Spoiled” House Cat

  10. This Mini But Mighty Cat

  11. This Pretty Perching Lady

  12. This Snow White Kitten

  13. This Active Mouser

  14. This Snuggle Monster

  15. This Giant, Happy Floof

Have you ever adopted an animal? Share your best before and after!