Remember what life looked like before the pandemic? Remember crowds? We remember crowded parking lots, long lines, and people everywhere. It’s basically the antithesis of this past year where the only lines we saw were social distanced.

Remember when “social distancing” wasn’t a term yet? Way back then, we used to sit right next to complete strangers on public transportation, at concerts and at sporting events. We didn’t even think anything about it. It was normal.

Normal is back, kind of, at least at Globe Life Field where the Texas Rangers had their first home game of the season. In Texas, companies are allowed to open their businesses at full capacity or set their own capacity limits. There also is no longer a mask mandate in the state of Texas, but once again, businesses are allowed to set their own mask rules.

The Texas Rangers set their own rules. They opened Globe Life Field at 100% capacity, which means social distancing is 100% impossible. However, they are requiring face masks at all times except for when sports fans are sitting in their seats actively eating and drinking.

You might wonder how it would be possible to enforce face mask wearing, and it turns out that it’s not. Before the game started, people were pretty good about wearing their masks in lines, while buying food and shopping, but back in their seats while watching the game, pictures show that many guests took off their masks and didn’t put them back on.

Watch the video below to see for yourself what the crowds looked like at Globe Life Field.

The Dallas News reports that some fans that attended the game were hesitant at first. For example, friends and co-workers Justin Treaster and John Cantu both received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before attending the game. They also weighed the pros and cons before deciding to attend the game.

Other fans didn’t seem at all concerned about the lack of social distancing and the absence of face masks. Brenda Schickedanz explained, “I’m not going to not live my life. I’m going to live. If it means I die tomorrow, OK, God needed me there. So I’m not going to be scared.”

Do you think it was irresponsible of the Texas Rangers to open Globe Life Field at full capacity? Would you be hesitant to attend an event where social distancing was impossible and mask wearing was nearly impossible to enforce? What would need to happen for you to feel safe going to a crowded event?