If you’re a teenager, it might be a little odd to take your grandparent to a hoppin’ concert, or take his fragile self ice skating with you, but there are still lots of things you can do to spend quality time with them—especially if you’re people of incredible music talent, like Brooke and Frank.

18-year-old Brooke and her 81-year-old grandfather Frank are one of those unexpected musical pairs. Because of their age difference, no one expected them to ever perform together, but they recently discovered that when their melodious talents join together, it’s like something you never heard before.

Oh yeah, and it’s pretty dang adorable if we do say so ourselves.

You see, Frank has long since retired from his full-time job, but loves to play ukulele with the members of his Ukulele Players’ Club in his spare time. But he couldn’t help but feel like he needed something a bit fresher to tie into his talents—younger, in fact.

Brooke has been singing professionally for six years, with dozens of live performances already under her belt. But she too felt like she could spice things up in her musical career a bit.

So when Brooke visited Frank in Florida from Philadelphia, the two couldn’t help but find themselves chatting away about what they had in common: their musical talents. The two don’t see each other too often due to being a plane ride away, so when they are together, they have to make the most of their visits.

Since so much musical talent runs in their family, they decided to do a duet together of Judy Garland’s classic 1940s hit “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with Brooke singing and Frank on ukulele.

While Brooke sings her heart out, Frank strums away on his ukulele, and man—its no wonder they got more than 250,000 on the now viral video. The two had no idea that their performance together would be their most popular one yet! It’s undeniable that people can’t help but fall in love with their musical talents.

“OMG….beautiful & how special for granddaughter & grandfather to sing/play this timeless song. Awesome…gave me chills,” someone said of their talents.

“Absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word,” another commenter posted.

“Wonderful to see and hear—touches the heart to see the closeness of the different generations,” someone else said.

We have to agree—and we think Brooke will cherish this beautiful moment with her grandfather for years to come! And hey, if they decide to record their first professional single, we’d definitely buy a few copies (just saying!). Music is one of those beautiful things you can never be too old for. One musical duo proved that. To hear for yourself Brook and Frank’s amazing rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, check out the video below.

Source: Teenage Girl Joins Elderly Grandpa For An Emotional Duet by BrookeFalls

What do you think of Brooke and Frank’s duet? Have you ever sang with someone much older or younger than you? What kinds of special things do you and your grandparents do together? Do you have any memorable moments with them?