Through our life experiences, our interests and our opinions, there are many subjects that each of us know a lot about. There are also many subjects that we just enjoy talking about. These subjects vary widely from person to person, but everyone probably has at least a couple topics they enjoy talking about.

Picture yourself at a party, and all at once you hear someone mention something that sparks your interest. You just have to join the conversation, and you find yourself with endless words to add to the subject.

On the flip side, sometimes there may be someone in your life (a grandparent, an uncle, a co-worker) who loves talking about a subject that you find boring and they seem to drone on and on forever.

Reddit user mgm97 asked, “What could you give a TED talk about with no prep time?” and Facebook user Cara Bristol asked, “What could you talk about for 30 minutes straight with no prep?” These questions are slightly different, but the concept is the same, and the answers are intriguing. Read on to discover 11 of our favorites.

  1. Multiple Topics

    Facebook user Annie Nicholas answered, “Health issues, gardening, plotting stories, and marketing.”

  2. Books and Vacation

    Facebook user Susan Otto wrote, “Books I read, Recipes I heard about And want to try, what I’m doing like in crafts, And health issues.” Then she went on to add another topic in a separate comment: “Also wanna talk about my vacation I just went on.”

  3. Law

    Facebook user Cathy Clamp answered, “Nearly anything real estate law related, publishing, novels, publishing law, or title insurance”

  4. BBQ

    Reddit user TheNerdyButcher wrote, “Let’s chew the fat and talk about how to cook some good BBQ. That would be pretty fun.”

  5. Happy?

    Reddit user holmthulu responded with an intriguing question: “Why do you Think your Happy?”

  6. Face Masks

    Facebook user Anne B King has a very timely answer, “Sewing face masks!”

  7. Animals

    Facebook user Lori Baker Swenson answered, “Just about anything but animals is for sure.”

  8. Anything

    Facebook user Whitney Kyles wrote, “Pretty much anything. I’m a talker lol”

  9. TED talk

    Reddit user eyNOTathrowawy answered, “What it’s like giving a TED talk with no prep time.”

  10. Memories

    Facebook user K J Van Houten wrote, “Books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, family memories.”

  11. Tea, maybe?

    Facebook user Riley Moreland answered, “Books, reading, financial literacy, my family, and maybe tea.”

What could you talk about for 30 minutes with no prep time? What are your favorite topics to talk about?