One thing that makes Subway a unique fast food restaurant is that every sandwich is customized to order and prepared right in front of you. There’s no wondering what’s in your sandwich because you see the employees put the ingredients on your bread of choice.

One thing that is hidden at Subway is how the ingredients get into the bins by the counter where the sandwiches are prepared. Are the vegetables really freshly prepared or do they arrive at the store frozen?

One TikToker who has worked at Subway for about 3 years has decided to share Subway secrets. One video that is particularly interesting is the one about how the vegetables are prepared.

In the video, this Subway employee shows us behind the scenes at Subway where the vegetables are located when they first arrive at the restaurant. There are boxes and boxes of vegetables in the refrigerator, and they are all fresh. We see whole tomatoes, whole bell peppers and whole avocados. Subway employees wash and slice the vegetables every day.

There are a few vegetables that arrive at the restaurant already prepped. One example is lettuce which is pre-chopped and in a bag. All the employees have to do is open the bag and dump it into a bin. The pickles, jalapenos, banana peppers and olives arrive in bags. Those also just have to be dumped into bins.

Watch the video below to see how fresh Subway’s veggies are for yourself.

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While vegetables at Subway are about as fresh as possible, meat is another story. In several other videos, this same Subway employee showed us that the meat arrives already prepped and in bags. The chicken just has to be mixed with the appropriate sauce, and the meatballs get tossed with marinara sauce. Meanwhile, the steak comes in a big block that has to be shredded.

Many viewers are amazed that Subway really uses fresh vegetables. One person commented, “yess being vegetarian pays off again… I’m glad they’re fresh veggies.”

Another viewer wrote, “So veggie sub is a good choice!”

Many viewers commented about the avocados almost in disbelief that they actually arrive whole and not pre-mashed or already prepared as guacamole. One comment reads, “The avocado used to come in frozen!”

While different Subway locations may do things differently, the location in this video definitely has fresh avocados. The employee even explained that the avocados are cut only when a customer requests avocado. That’s how they keep them fresh.

Does it surprise you that most of the vegetables at Subway arrive fresh? What do you usually order at Subway?