Our bodies are amazing, truly—but they can also be kind of strange. Every part has a function and every function has a meaning. But sometimes, that body part of the function of that body part doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Sometimes it does something different, completely randomly.

The thing is, even though you think it’s random, there are lots of other people probably experiencing the exact same thing. In a recent Reddit thread, someone posed the question of what your body just “does”—and the answers are weirdly relatable. Here are the top responses:

  1. Squirting Saliva

    “Sometimes when I yawn saliva literally squirts out of my mouth. No idea why, it’s kinda weird.”

  2. Casual Twitches

    “Sometimes a part of my body just twitches. Shoulder, toe, bicep etc. It stops after a while but I can never get a good look at it because if I move my head it stops. Doesn’t hurt and only happens every few days.”

  3. One-Off Hiccups

    “I get one time hiccups every now and again. Just to make them a bit more noticeable they sound like someone stepped on a squeaky toy, or as someone once thought; a ninja bird squawking behind her.”

  4. Random Chills

    “I will just randomly get a huge chill which looks like a mini seizure. People always ask what’s wrong.”

  5. Itchy, Swollen Palms

    “My palms start to itch and swell if I am in a crowded place. I used to think it was some kind of allergy, but I am noticing recently that the swelling starts whenever I’m in places that make me feel uncomfortable.”

  6. Throat Growling

    “Sometimes my throat just growls. Like when your stomach growls, but in my throat. If I feel it’s about to happen and try to stop it, it becomes worse.”

  7. Goosebumps on Purpose

    “Voluntarily Piloerection” or to put it more cooler, I can raise my hair i.e. Have goosebumps at will

  8. Random Rib Pain

    “I get sharp intense pains on the left bottom side of my ribs randomly. I just suck in air and hope my rib didn’t puncture my lung. Sometimes its when I’m working out, but sometimes I’m literally just standing there and whoops popped a lung.”

  9. Blinding Yawns

    “When I yawn and stretch I become blind for a few seconds, don’t know if that’s normal.”

  10. And “Croaking” Yawns

    “I make a weird croak sound with my throat whenever I yawn. It’s so awkward when I’m in a call because then the person is all ‘did you just burp?’ Nah I’m a frog.”

  11. Un-relieving Scratching

    “Sometimes when I get an itch, I scratch the area that is itching but It feels like I’m just scratching skin and I don’t feel a relief. But when I scratch somewhere close to the area but not the exact area where it’s itching, it relieves. It’s so weird.”

  12. Occular Migraines

    “They’re not terribly frequent, though maybe once in a while they’ll be persistent for a week or so. It’s a strange experience. No pain, no headache, but an actual blind spot develops in my vision, that ‘appears’ sort of like a lightning bolt, it hovers there for about 20-30 minutes then gradually subsides. I’ll tend to feel a bit weird for maybe an hour or two afterward but then back to normal.”

  13. Ear Air

    “When I breathe, I can feel a tiny breeze coming out of my ear.”

Can you relate to any of these weird bodily functions? What weird thing does your body just do on its own?