Even well before a woman gets pregnant, she fantasizes about the name she wants to call her baby. Maybe it’s Rachel. Maybe it’s Allison. Maybe it’s Hallaballoo—whatever you want it to be, you definitely want to “call it” so no one “steals” it from you. That’s the way it works, right?

Maybe—maybe not.

One woman recently took to Reddit to see if she was a jerk for “stealing” her friend’s name.

For some background: This woman barely remembers her friend ever telling her the name she liked. That’s because after they brainstormed a few names, they settled on the name “Josh” for her baby boy. “As soon as we knew it was a boy, all the other name options kind of evaporated from my head,” she explained.

Well, low and behold, this woman found out she was pregnant not too long after her friend did And when she found out It was a girl, she was so excited to pick a name. She and her husband finally decided on “Ada.”

However, her friend was not too happy about that.

“When I told my friend, she was extremely upset because Ada was the girl name they wanted to use (again, I frankly forgot, it was months ago and we had talked about several other girl names that she wanted),” the woman explained. “Now she won’t speak to be because she’s convinced her next baby will be a girl and they’re already planning on calling her Ada, so I’m ‘stealing’ her name.”

Okay, Reddit world: Is she the jerk or is her friend the jerk for “stealing” her friend’s future baby name, or is her friend the jerk for making such a big deal over this?

Drum roll, please…

The people of Reddit have spoken and agree: She is NOT the jerk here. “She’s mad at you for a ridiculous reason,” someone wrote. “Keep the name Ada, you probably won’t even be friends with this person in the future anyway. She’s being completely unreasonable.”

“She doesn’t have exclusive rights to a name because she considered it before learning the gender of her baby,” someone else wrote.

“Your friend can still use the name,” another person pointed out. “And also, your friend may not have another child, let alone a girl.”

That settles that! What do you think—who’s being the jerk in this situation? Have you ever been in a similar scenario in your own life?