Walt Disney World is one of those places that has a certain kind of magic for both kids and adults. I used to visit the famous theme park with my family almost every year when I was growing up, and when I was there, I didn’t want to leave. I loved the rides, the character visits, the food, really the entire experience.

Now that I’m a parent, I look forward to taking my own kids to visit the theme park and enjoy the magical experience I grew up with, but updated with modern characters, rides and shows. Seriously, one of the great parts of being a parent is the excuse to act like a kid again.

If you think Disney World is magical, like me, beware. Sometimes even in a magical place, things can go, well, differently than you would expect. 

This past Sunday, a Twitter user named Sky posted a video that has us questioning just how safe some of the rides are at Disney World. The video was taken at the popular log ride, Splash Mountain, at the Magic Kingdom. Sky captioned her video writing, “so we got out of our boat because it was sinking while we were stuck there and the disney world employee decided to tell us that we should’ve stayed in the boat but it went under as soon as we all stepped out… nice #DisneyWorld #splashmountain #MagicKingdom #disney not okay????”

Watch the video of the submerged boat in the video below.

In a comment on Sky’s video, another Twitter user shared another video of the same experience.

In the comments, many Twitter users agree that it was ridiculous for Disney employees to insist that the guests stay in the sinking boat, but some users side with the employees, saying that getting out of the boat could have been quite dangerous.

Have you ever gotten stuck on a ride at a theme park before? Do you think the guests should have stayed in the sinking boat, or where they right to ignore the Disney employee and disembark?