Sleeping Baby Has Hilarious Reaction to Dad Touching His Arm

Any parent of a newborn knows that watching a baby sleep can be a stressful process. On top of simply waking up in tears, some little ones never stop moving—even when they snooze! With eye twitches, spasms, and even dreamy babbling being commonplace amongst infants, it’s hard to know if that bundle of joy is really getting the rest he or she needs!

There’s no better example of this phenomenon than this “internet famous” babe by the name of Tyler. For over a decade, this clip of him moving his arms up and down in his sleep has bewildered many a viewer.

dad touches sleeping baby's armGabriel Moore
No, that’s no creepy mechanical baby doll—that’s a real kid! Now, we all know by now that some infants have a funny way of waking up, but this little guy has managed to continue his silliness well into nap time.

If you have been a longtime fan of viral videos, then you are probably well-aware of the fact that this particular clip is an oldie of sorts. It was actually posted after receiving acclaim on everybody’s favorite predecessor to YouTube, America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Since first being uploaded, the baby’s sweet routine has raked in over 6 million views and has been shared and re-uploaded millions of times. It’s clear that folks love this kid’s routine!

And though those stubborn YouTube commenters have littered the video with plenty of amateur diagnoses for the odd movements, writing that the infant is having everything from a seizure to hunger pangs, it turns out that Tyler is doing just fine. According to his dad, Gabriel Moore, the now 13-year-old loves to water ski and fly RC planes.

Tyler’s folks made the right decision to break out their camera and start filming their baby when they did because the little guy never ended up doing it again! In an answer to a commenter, Moore says that his son’s funny reactions were a “one-time thing.”


The science behind Tyler’s sleepy jig

It may look as though the babe is having a robot-themed dream, but it turns out that children his age haven’t quite hit this milestone yet. According to psychologist David Foulkes, an expert on pediatric dreaming, babies have a completely different way of sleeping than adults.

In fact, infants have been found to spend about half of their sleep time in REM, which is 50 percent more than grown-ups. And though REM brings with it a lot of eye twitches and random movements like Tyler’s, it’s safe to say that kids don’t start having dreams with any discernible ‘characters’ until they are much older.

Now that you know all about this little guy’s classic, sleepy moves, be sure to click on the video below to see them for yourself. Even though those movements are involuntary, we still like to think that Tyler was the youngest person in history to do “The Robot”!

What do you think of Tyler’s dreamy movements? Has your baby ever done something similar? What’s your favorite classic viral video? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!