St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! Unprepared? Don’t panic, we have a quick and delicious treat that you can make in a snap. These St. Patrick’s Day shamrock pops can be made with a few simple ingredients (some you might even have right in your kitchen now) and come out looking adorably festive! Watch the video below and learn how to make these pops (quickly!).

Little tip: if you can’t find green chocolate melts – they seem like they would be a little difficult to find – use white chocolate melts. Once they’re melted, use some green food coloring to get that perfect St. Paddy’s Day color!



– Green melting candies
– Pretzels
– Pop sticks


1. Melt the chocolates in 30 second intervals .
2. Using a fork, dip pretzels into the chocolate and completely cover them.
3. Place the three chocolate-covered pretzels in a shamrock shape and put a pop stick in middle.
4. Put some extra melted chocolate over the center to combine them. Cover with sprinkles to complete your pop!
5. Chill for 1 hour.