Ever since the invention of smart phones with fairly good cameras built in, taking pictures has never been easier. Taking pictures of ourselves has never been easier either. God bless the selfie. Now we don’t need to ask some random stranger to take a group picture for us. Just hold out the phone, smile and click. It’s that simple.

There’s a certain pose that often goes along with the selfie. Unless you have a selfie stick, you have to reach your arm out just so to capture your best angle. If it’s a group photo, you also have to make sure everyone fits in the frame.

Do you think people are the only ones who take selfies? Think again. Animals are getting in on the photo action too.

Twitter user @JoaquimCampa started a thread that shows a wide variety of animals taking selfies. Are these animals REALLY taking selfies? No. Of course not, but it sure looks like it! Scroll down to enjoy the photos for yourself.