I dropped my new prescription off at CVS yesterday. I had a coupon that had printed out on my last purchase for a $25 gift card for any new or transferred prescription. Since I was on CVS mailing list I had also received a mailer today with two coupons for $25 gift card for new or transferred prescription. While picking up my prescription we also got my husbands prescription filled and received a total of two $25 gift cards.

Caution you are only supposed to get one card per day but the lady gave us the card anyways. So we stocked up on things that we needed that were on sale BOGO and or receive extra care bucks. Are bill came to $82.00. We were able to redeem both $25 gift card and only paid $32.00. I still have the coupon that printed out plus received another one, both for new or transferred prescriptions plus received $2.99 extra care bucks that can be used on my next purchase.

Also as I was looking around the store I found some items that were discontinued that had the exact ingredients as more expensive brands. Was able to purchase 3 bottles of foot powder for $2.00 each.

photo credit: hattiesburgmemory