Moms seem nice and sweet a lot of them, but cross them and you will pay dearly.

Because all the mothers out there can be SAVAGE.

We’re talking a whole other level, here.

Like these brutal moms.

1. Baller mom

2. You probably should

3. Hahahaha

4. Truly savage

5. Liars!

6. Burn

7. Evil

8. LOL

9. Put her in her place

10. She meant the first one


11. Button up

12. All to herself

13. Get those grades up

14. You can’t get away from that

15. She showed you

16. Picking all the wrong ones

Photo Credit: Twitter

17. That’s how it’s done

18. Thanks a lot

19. Don’t worry about it

20. Get a life

Keep up the savage-ness moms!