The great thing about rustic home decor is how simple it is to make! This stylish decor trend is entirely based around taking old things and using them around your house to give a vintage vibe to your space – which can be as easy as wrapping twine or picking up sticks in the woods! Who can say no to projects so easy and so adorable? Here are 24 simple ways you can bring this rustic look into your home.


  1. Rustic Wine Holder

    WineRack EditedPaper Blog

    Starting with the important stuff first: your wine. Re-purpose an old, wooden ladder to hold your vino and dress it up all at once.

  2. Pallet Couch


    Pallets are the rustic-lovers best friend. They’re easy to come by and can be used to create a million rustic touches in your home, like this adorable couch. Rustic and with built-in, under-the-couch storage. Home run.

  3. Framed Shelving

    Frame Shelves EditedShareably

    Another great item to re-use is picture frames – the older the better. Use a wider frame to do this simple DIY shelving unit and have fun stacking those shelves with even more rustic decor!

  4. Knit Vase Sweaters 

    Sweater Vase EditedCountry Living

    It sounds weird, but using old sweaters around your home is a quick way to add an instant cozy, rustic feel. Use old knit sweaters to dress up vases instead of throwing them away.

  5. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

    Soap Dispenser EditedThe Blissfully Content Life

    The mason jar could very well be the #1 tool of rustic decor. You can never have too many and they have so many purposes that you’ll have to check out this article just to wrap your head around them all. This mason jar soap dispenser, for example, is a craft that can be done in seconds and brings a whole new feel to your bathroom.

  6. Fairy Light Globe

    FairyGlobeFrom The Blue Shed via POPSUGAR

    Christmas lights are no longer limited to the Christmas season. Thankfully. You can now use them as rustic lighting wherever your heart desires! We suggest these amazingly beautiful fairy light globes to brighten your home.

  7. Wicker Basket Storage

    Rustic BathroomCity Farm House

    Nothing screams “country living” (even if you’re living in the city) more than wicker baskets! Replace your old storage containers with these rustic accent pieces.

  8. Hinged Stools

    stoolsHouse Beautiful

    Are you fortunate enough to have a classy island in your kitchen? I envy you. Give that island an instant rustic upgrade by putting in these unique stools that can swing in and out depending on your need!

  9. Baking Rack

    Baking RackCookies, Crafts and Chaos

    For the baker in your life, re-use an old magazine rack to store muffin tins and cookie sheets. You know, the important stuff. Bonus points for getting a stencil (or using your own beautiful handwriting) and painting a favorite quote on the side.

  10. Rake Utensil Holder

    Rake Utensil HolderEasy Homesteading

    Another great kitchen hack, recycle your old garden rake to hang utensils off of! We do recommend that you thoroughly disinfect the rake first, of course.

  11. Mason Jar Storage


    Add some bathroom storage AND some rustic feel with this DIY mason jar storage! Finally, a stylish place to put your cotton balls.

  12. Porch Swing

    pallet-swing3Design Rulz

    If you’ve been planning on adding a quaint porch swing to your home, why not make it a rustic one? Use pallets or scrap wood to make this romantic (and hopefully stable) swing.

  13. Hanging Lanterns

    Ladder LanternsPottery Barn

    This one’s a double whammy. Not only are you hanging vintage lanterns, but you’re using an old ladder to suspend them. You are a true visionary.

  14. Framed Chalkboard

    Frame ChalkboardCrate and Babble

    If you aren’t using chalkboards somehow in your home, you need to do some evaluating. Chalkboards are useful, add some instant rustic flare and can be EXTRA rustic by framing them in a vintage picture frame. You need chalkboards STAT.

  15. Tablet Holder

    KitchenTabletHolderMamie Jane's

    Old world meets new. If you’re glued to your tablet 99% of the time, then this tablet holder is for you. Using an old cutting board, this simple DIY gives you a brand new way to read, cook and generally enjoy technology (while still feeling rustic).

  16. Rustic Headboard

    Rustic HeadboardHometalk

    Why buy a headboard from a store when you could make your own? Use old barn doors to create your own rustic headboard – don’t be afraid to try a few scrap yards for treasures like this.

  17. Twine Cabinet Handles

    Twine Cabinet HandlesI Love That Junk

    Could this be an easier DIY?! Simply wrap some twine around any cabinet handles that you’d like to spruce up and boom! Rustic handles. Just like that.

  18. Rope Picture Frame

    Rope FrameCelebrations

    If we’re using picture frames for shelving and whatnot, you’ll need something creative to replace your frame! Rope is a simple way to give a genuine Western feel to any picture frame with minimal effort involved.

  19. Stone Kitchen Island

    Stone IslandLizzy and Me Western Decor

    This is obviously a bit more of a project than the rest. If you can do this as quickly as you can wrap twine around cabinet handles, good for you. Otherwise, if you’re really looking to change the feel of your kitchen, this rustic project will take some time and money. But the end result will look fabulous!

  20. Log Clock

    Log ClockHouzz

    This small accent piece can really do a lot for any room. Lumber yards are the perfect place to get your log and clock kits are sold in many stores. This DIY is a must-try!

  21. Twine Lamp

    Twine Lampamyallender

    Yes, more twine! It’s just too simple to not use as much as possible. Wrap twine around an eyesore lamp and you’ve instantly got a cool, rustic piece that cost you pennies.

  22. Twig Candle Holder

    Twig Candle HoldersPinterest

    This DIY can be done for free, essentially. If you have a boring old candle, why not give it a little pizzazz by gluing some twigs to the outside? The project should only take a few minutes, but the end result looks like a store-bought masterpiece.

  23. Vintage Mail Sorter

    Mail SorterVintage News Junkie

    Suddenly, junk mail is looking a lot cooler. Use re-purposed wood (or those handy pallets again!) to make this vintage mail sorter…and don’t be afraid to pretend you’re a Pony Express-era delivery person while you sort your mail. No shame.

  24. Wood Panel Wall

    Wood Pannel WAllThrifty Decor Chick

    You know what they say: Go big or go home. If you’re looking for another large project to really rustic-up your home, this wood panel wall is a straightforward and very cool way to accomplish this desired look.


Do you have any tips and tricks that you’ve used to make your home more rustic? Share your ideas in the comments section below!