While you probably already know that a solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the earth and the sun blocking the sun’s light, you may not know what an annular eclipse is.

An annular eclipse is a type of solar eclipse where the moon passes between the sun and the earth but the moon does not block all of the sun’s light. When this spectacular event happens, it is quite an incredible sight. Since most of the sun’s light is blocked, a bright circle of sunlight is all that is visible in the darkened sky. This circle of light is known as a “ring of fire.”

Much of the world will be treated to an incredible ring of fire annular eclipse this weekend on June 21, 2020, but, unfortunately, it will not be visible in North America. Some avid eclipse watchers are planning to travel to parts of the world where the eclipse is expected to be particularly impressive.

The annular eclipse will make its first appearance in the Republic of Congo at sunrise. Then, it will travel across Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Taiwan and further southeast until it finally ends at sunset over the northern Pacific Ocean.

If you’re in North America or if you simply can’t wait until this weekend to watch the annular eclipse, we have good news. NASA has released a video of what the 2013 annular eclipse looked like. This footage was taken on May, 10, 2013, in Western Australia.

If you would like to watch the eclipse this weekend, you can easily do so from the comfort of your own home no matter where you live. Time and Date will be live streaming the event from their website. 

If you are able to see the eclipse from where you live, make sure you protect your eyes. Sunglasses do not offer sufficient eye protection for viewing an eclipse. You will need special eclipse glasses. Looking at an eclipse without proper eye protection can lead to vision damage or even blindness.

Are you going to watch the annular eclipse this weekend?