When our old desk-top computer finally expired, we got rid of it, but saved the speakers. I plugged these speakers into a cheapie personal/portable CD player to make an inexpensive stereo in my home office. This CD player also has a radio. So I can use this set-up to either listen to CDs, or listen to the radio. The sound quality is better than any other boom-box-type CD player I have listened to. It also takes up very little space on my office counter.

I now have a laptop computer, which I prefer for compactness and portability. I watch Netflix online in my office on this laptop. I usually use the cheapie head phones that came with this CD player. But if I want a movie playing when I am doing another task, I like to have the sound up, but find the sound quality of my laptop just so-so. I hook up the old computer speakers to laptop for much better sound quality.

These little portable CD players do have a limited lifespan and I need to replace them every year or two. They are now easy to get used, as they have become obsolete to the younger generation. My current one had belonged to my teenager, but had been stashed away in her drawer for a long time. I pick up spares at yard sales for about a dollar, and I also bought one in a pawn shop.

I have tried this with a second set of computer speakers and was dissatisfied… so it depends on the quality of the speakers.

When my college-age daughter wanted to make an in-home romantic dinner for her boyfriend, she borrowed my computer speakers and CD player, plus one of my CDs of pretty piano music. She agreed the sound quality was really surprisingly good.