Encanto Actress Reveals She Recorded Song While In Labor

Giving birth to a child is not exactly the most relaxing event. In fact, most moms who’ve been in labor will probably tell you that there isn’t anything else you can do in that moment except breathe.

Well, except if you’re an actress. In that case, the show must go on, right? That was the case for “Encanto” actress Stephanie Beatriz, who voiced Mirabel in the movie. The star just revealed that she was in labor when she recorded the song “Waiting on a Miracle.” And she did it all without anyone knowing her status.

We know what you’re thinking: Did no one tell her boss that she was expecting? The thing is, they were aware—they just didn’t know HOW close to labor she was.

“We knew she was very, very, very, very ready to have that baby,” director Byron Howard said in an interview with Variety. “But she did not tell us she was almost, almost ready.”

Beatriz didn’t want to tell them either. “I didn’t want to tell anybody at Disney because I didn’t want anyone to freak out,” she told Variety. “But I was already having some contractions when we were scheduled to record that day. I was like ‘Well, fingers crossed I finish the song before [the baby] comes!’”

Thankfully, she did!

Her daughter, Rosaline, came the day after the song was recorded. She was born in August and Encanto was released in December.

Beatriz says that a lot of time when it comes to her acting career, she really becomes the character. Plus, with it being an animated character, she feels she can take advantage of not being directly on screen.

“Most of [my roles] I disappear into the character, and in a weird way it’s the same with this because it’s the most ‘like me’ role I’ve ever played, yet I’ve disappeared. It’s not my face, it’s an animated person,” Beatriz says.

When you listen to the song, it’s pretty hard to believe that she was in a hospital bed and experiencing contractions! We’d say it was a pretty worth it, since the movie had massive success. Additionally, her song got more than 32 million views on YouTube.

In general, the Encanto soundtrack is wildly popular, with “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” topping the Billboard charts. If you can believe it, it even held the Number 1 spot longer than Frozen did!

To hear more on Beatriz’s decision to record in labor, check out the video below.

Can you believe this song was recoded while the singer was in labor?