If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve probably created your very own light saber before. Sure, it was just made out of a flashlight or a piece of paper, but it was still a right of passage if you were a true fan, make-believe or not.

Well, Star Wars enthusiasts: you’re about to have a major freak-out. One engineer and YouTuber has just done what you’ve always dreamed of doing: He created the world’s first real retractable Star Wars lightsaber—like, one that WORKS.

His name is James Hobson and he’s got to be one of the most creative people to roam the Earth. Literally no one has been able to create a real-life lightsaber before. And trust us, people have tried, but they’ve only ever been able to make one that lights up, not one that works.

This one works—and it works well. It can literally cut through steel. And it’s all thanks to laser engineering. He explains it all in his YouTube video.

At first, he recognizes the challenges of why no one has been able to do such a thing before.

“Well, theories say that plasma is best held in a beam by a magnetic field, which, scientifically, checks out,” he continues. “The issue is producing a strong enough electromagnetic field to contain a blade, well the lightsaber would have to be quite literally built inside a box coated in electromagnets, which turns it into a kind of useless science project.”

Well, of course he has figured out the solution. In the video, Hobson explains how exactly he was able to capture a beam of plasma, which involves a principle called “laminar flow.” It’s basically using a combination of gases and oxygen that are sent through a nozzle and creates a plasma beam. The flow of gas, and essentially, the beam, is controlled through a custom-built backpack—aka the lightsaber’s power source.

Something crazy: The light saber contains enough power as it takes to control a nuclear plant! We believe him—remember, this thing can cut through STEEL, which is a direct result of the fact that it burns at 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lightsaber costs $1 per degree—aka a whopping $4,000. Hey, it might be worth it, right?

Hobson explains his building process so eloquently in this 18-minute video. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re definitely going to want to check this guy out! See his video below.

Have you ever attempted to create your very own light saber? Would you ever pay thousands of dollars to own one like this?