Marine Dad and Daughter Rock the Quinceañera Dance

Quinceañeras are special occasions that highlight a rite of passage for young girls. This cultural tradition is typically a lavish affair that celebrates a young lady turning fifteen years old.

Family and friends play a huge role in the quinceañera ceremony, but parents have some of the most important duties. One of those duties is getting the dance right. When it’s time to party, the customary first dance is done with dad and daughter.

For Jasmine and Leonardo Cortinas, an ordinary routine wouldn’t cut it. Jasmine wanted her quinceañera dance to stand out from all the others, so she took inspiration from YouTube. After convincing her father – a retired U.S. Marine – to switch things up, the two practiced for weeks.

Though they planned to surprise guests with their moves, Jasmine got a quick one of of her own when her dad changed into his dress blues for the dance. Looking regal in their formal attire, father and daughter took to the floor and started dancing to the Temptations’ classic, “My Girl.” Jasmine’s fairytale gown would have you expecting a full curtsy and standard slow waltz. But no, that wasn’t the case.

She and her dad rounded out the first part of the song with a grinning Jasmine twirling while holding his gloved hand. An abrupt stop to the Temptations’ tune caused some guests to stand up. What was going on? Why, a string of hip hop and pop hits, of course!

Jasmine and her family told the Today Show that they wanted to surprise guests and let the moment be just as memorable for them as it was for her. Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat” cranked the beginning of their fast tempo choreography, and watching Leonardo crisscross his legs was enough to convince me of his skills.

But when “U Can’t Touch This” dropped, the crowd let out a flurry of cheers. This dad was quick on his feet as he did the Running Man and Hammer Time dance. Get it Dad! The pair continued to rock to other songs including “Gangnam Style”, “Apache Jump On it”, and “Tootsee Roll”. You’ve got to see them work that tootsee roll, especially Dad!

All eyes and cameras were locked on them as they glided through the rest of their routine. It looked like the crowd swelled a bit to get a peep at the lively duo. I can’t fathom how Jasmine managed to maneuver so lightly on her feet in that elegant dress. She looked like a rock-and-roll princess!

Catch the ending of the video to see how the Cortinas closed out this special dance. Without a doubt, this daddy-daughter dance burned up the floor and inspired a new wave of girls who want to bust moves like these with their fathers at their own quinceañeras.

Can you imagine how this grooving dad will be on Jasmine’s wedding day? I see a video mashup of both choreographed dances in their future. What did you think of this sweet daddy-daughter dance? Have you seen a surprise like this at a party before? Tell us in the comments!