In His Newest Birthday Portrait, Prince George Looks So Happy and Ready to Rule— Kindergarten, At Least

Whether or not you’re a fan of Britain’s Royal Family, there’s no denying that its youngest members are absolutely striking people.

Like, seriously— we thought that it couldn’t get better than Prince William and Duchess Kate, but Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have definitely given them a legitimate run for their money in the “most gorgeous and charming couple ever” category.

But the one thing that Prince William and Duchess Kate have that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan don’t have – yet! – are three unbelievably lovely kids.

Seriously, folks, every time we see the latest photos of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and the littlest prince, Prince Louis, we think to ourselves: How is it possible that real-life princes and princess look SO much like–well–PRINCES and PRINCESSES?! Were the perfect specimens created in a lab to bring more popularity to the Royal Family, or what?

OK, we’re totally aware that our innermost thoughts about the most famous royals make us seem like stark-raving mad conspiracy theorists, but you have to wonder. Especially when faced with images like the one above. No, that’s not a child model— that is Prince George cheesing it up for the camera in his fifth-birthday portraits.

The photo, which was published by Kensington Palace on its Twitter account, was posted along with this message:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share a new photograph of Prince George to mark his fifth brithday–thank you everyone for your lovely messages.

The photo was snapped by Matt Porteous in the gardens of Clarence House. It’s an interesting detail considering Prince George’s mum, the lovely Duchess Kate, has been playing photographer lately. As a matter of fact, it was the Duchess who took this iconic shot of Princess Charlotte setting off to her first day of nursery school at the beginning of the year.

But even without that added, “royal touch,” we think the portrait of this powerful little guy is absolutely lovely. To learn more about Prince George and see some of his better-ever photos, be sure to watch the video below!

We’d love to hear your take on all things Prince George! Do you like his birthday portrait? Do you think he will make a good king someday? Who’s the cutest royal of all time?