We often hear about mother’s intuition. You know, that instinct that mother’s seem to sometimes have that helps them know when their child needs something or when something is wrong.

We don’t really know how to explain mother’s intuition, but it certainly seems to be a thing. There are multiple examples where a mother knew something was wrong just by instinct and it saved her child’s life.

One example we think of is a mother of premature twins. The twins were born a whole 3 months early. One didn’t make it, but the new mom had an idea about how to save the other twin, and it worked. Her idea? Body heat from her and her husband through skin to skin contact. The baby made a miraculous recovery.

Another thing we hear about a lot is the whole “mama bear” idea. You know how protective mother bears are of their cubs? Yeah. Human moms are too. One example is a mother who saved her child’s life by prying open the mouth of a cougar with her bare hands. Incredible, right?

What about dads, though? Do dads have dad intuition or a “papa bear” protectiveness? We think so.

One example of a dad who followed his instinct is Tony Lethbridge from Australia. His 17-year-old son, Samuel, was supposed to drive home to meet his girlfriend, but he never made it home. No one had heard from him, not even his girlfriend, which was really strange.

Tony and his wife weren’t home at the time, but when Samuel never showed up, the other Lethbridge children contacted Tony to let him know Samuel was missing.

Tony immediately came home and contacted the police. He hoped and assumed the police would help him find his son, but that’s not what happened. The police simply told Tony that his son might have run away and to wait at home.

This was not a good enough answer for Tony. After his son had been missing for 24 hours with no help from the police, Tony knew he had to take matters into his own hands, and he knew exactly what he needed to do to find his son. With $800 in his pocket and his brother along for the ride, Tony chartered a helicopter in search of his son.

Watch the video below to see what happened once Tony took his son’s search and rescue mission into his own hands.

What would you do if the police didn’t help you search for your missing child?