You love art and sculpture, but you’re no Michelangelo. If you could, you would skillfully mold some beautiful pieces with your own bare hands to decorate your home.

You can! Out of the many materials available in stores, plaster of Paris has found fans in the arts and crafts community. Typically used for ceilings and casts, it’s now forming the basis of DIY home sculpting projects. Oh, and that’s not all. Plaster of Paris combined with silk flowers are what’s popping right now.

Synthetic flowers purchased from the dollar store are dipped into plaster of Paris to create floral pieces of art. Once they’re dipped, they dry into unique, delicate shapes that resemble individual sculptures. Many DIYers are using their flowers to decorate jars, picture frames, candle holders, or mirrors. Check out these ideas:

  1. Picture frame

    Create a border on a picture frame with items from a thrift shop or discount store. Check out an example on the blog Saved by Love Creations.

  2. Trinket box or jar toppers

    One little bloom atop a tiny box’s lid adds a touch of charm. See the realistic embellishment on the Songbird blog.

  3. Candle holders

    Image of plaster flowers.Katrinaosity

    To see an example of a plaster of Paris flower power project, click on this video by Katrinaosity. You’ll be impressed with how easily she turns large, fake flowers into beautiful, real candle holders. When you make your own, just remember to dip and shake quickly!

  4. Platter accents

    Dried plaster flowers can adorn the edges of a painted platter. See how flowers left over from a different silk flower project were used by the mother-daughter blogger team at One More Time Events.

  5. Baskets

    The Bluebirds are Nesting was excited to share a project for decorating baskets with plaster flowers.

Who says you can’t become an amateur sculptor? You too can make your own plaster of Paris flowers for your next crafty project! If you grab your materials from the dollar store, feel free to splurge.

Every crafter has their own fave step-by-step method of creating these, but every project we found follows a basic pattern. So we put together some basic flower instructions for you below!

Plaster of Paris Dipped Silk Flowers


  • Artificial flowers (can be found in arts and craft stores or dollar stores)
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Large disposable bowl or container
  • Water
  • Disposable spoon
  • Wax paper


  1. Prep the Flowers

    Prepare your flowers by trimming the stems off or down, but leave the stem long enough for your hold for dipping.

  2. Prep the Plaster

    Pour about ¾ cup of plaster of Paris into the container. Add water in increments to plaster of Paris until liquid mixture is the consistency of thin pancake batter. Stir until thoroughly mixed.

  3. Dip It

    Holding the stem, dip one flower at a time into the mix, being careful to coat each petal and every crevice. Gently tap off any excess plaster.

  4. Dry It

    Place on wax paper to dry. Repeat with remaining flowers. Note that the mixture will begin to harden after about 10 minutes.

  5. Dip it Again

    After the flowers have dried, you can apply a second coat of plaster and allow them to dry overnight. If you want more definition in the petals, use a toothpick to manipulate them before they dry.

Your lovely sculpted flowers will be ready for use! You can leave them in their current state (white color) to decorate your projects, or you can jazz them up. Some crafters paint only the edges of the petals with a thin paintbrush. Others paint the entire flower (brush or spray paint), or decorate them with glitter.

Have you worked with plaster of Paris for craft projects? What have you made? Will you try this with artificial flowers?