In this day and age there are way too many chapstick flavors to count—from the basics like cherry or vanilla to more intricate ones like cupcake and cotton candy, it seems like any scent can be turned into a chapstick scent.

Though the flavors vary, all lip balms do have some things in common, the main one being that they make your lips smooth and protect your lips from being chapped. The second is that the flavors are usually on the sweet range. Well, until now.

There’s a new chapstick flavor in town, and it’s far from the sweet ones we’re used to. Instead, it’s sour, it’s tangy, and it’s kind of a big dill.

You probably can tell by now what we’re talking about: Dill pickle flavored lip balm!

Before you shudder in disgust, think of it this way: You put pickles on your hamburger or deli sandwich—why not put them on your lips so you can enjoy the pickle flavor anytime, anywhere—while also keeping your lips smooth and healthy? It’s brilliant!

The Etsy seller behind the brilliance, BluePoppyBath, has nearly 5,000 reviewers raving about her product, which she markets for the pregnant woman (those pickle cravings are real, tell you!), but it’s also a perfect gift for the pickle lover in your life—or just a gag gift for the holidays if you know someone who despises the snack!

Even if you’re a pickle hater, it doesn’t seem like anyone dislikes this flavor of chapstick. We’re pretty sure anyone would love it—just look at some of these rave reviews.

“A fun gift!! I bought the three pack to give as gifts—I kept one and it tastes like dill pickles! What fun and great for the lips,” someone wrote.

“Great scent! Love the originality of it!” another customer raved.

“This was a gift for my pickle loving niece and she loved it,” a third customer said, followed by someone with a great idea for expecting mothers: “Used in “baby on board” raffle at work. Smelled great.”

Image of dill pickle lip balm”Amazon”

This isn’t the only arbitrary chapstick flavor BluePoppyBath sells—she’s got everything from your bacon flavored lip balm to pizza slice, and even one simply flavored “stud,” which she describes as “Minty fresh for your favorite stud.”

The chapsticks are made from variants of sweet almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter, beeswax, cocoa butter, castor oil, vitamin e, flavor, and work wonderfully!

If you’re more of an Amazon user, not to worry—you can find the dill pickle chapstick on Amazon as well for $11.95.

Worried that a single tube of chapstick isn’t enough for your pickle-loving friend? There are lots of other options here. For example, this “I’m kinda a big dill” mug with a pickle handle, pickle pen, or this giant inflatable pickle are perfect to add to the fun.

Are you a big pickle person? Will you be trying out this pickle chapstick, or buying it for a friend this holiday season? What’s the weirdest chapstick flavor you’ve ever tried?